Which Type of Garden Hose is better? Read to find out

by Jasmine

The new and improved Giraffe garden hose has more than exceeded its estimated value. It was designed to make gardening easier for the enthusiasts in our midst. It has done that and does much more.

Currently, various modifications have made the use of these retractable hoses cut across other areas. The types of garden hose have accommodated the wide variety of customers using them. More information on the types is at https://giraffetools.com/products/retractable-garden-hose-reel.

These hoses are much more durable than any other kind of gardening hoses a person might find randomly. The thought process put into their design is plain for all to see. There are also two types of Giraffe retractable garden hoses available.

Types of Giraffe Retractable Garden Hoses

These two types all have the same basic characteristics. But they have their unique aspects. These two types are wonderful fits for any garden. However, one of them is more suited for larger gardens. While the other is more efficient in “not so large” gardens. On that note, the two types are:

1. ½ inch Diameter Hose

This ½ inch watering hose is more suited for dealing with larger jobs. So if there is a need for a considerable amount of watering duty, this particular hose is better. It is more ideal for those who have larger space to water. This is because the ½ inch is more suited for regulating water pressure in longer hoses. These longer water hoses are essential in large gardens. By extension, the half-inch diameter hoses are more ideal for such large garden spaces.

2. 5/8 inch Diameter Hose

These hoses are more ideal for smaller gardens. This is because smaller gardens require shorter watering hoses. The 5/8 inch diameter allows for optimal water pressure from shorter hoses.

This arrangement was made with everyone in mind. Regardless of a person’s garden space, there is a suitable watering hose diameter. This ensures that watering the garden does not take longer than expected. So what exactly are the benefits of using the appropriate types of watering hose?

Benefits of Types of Garden Hose

First, it saves time. Imagine using the 5/8 inch diameter hose in a large garden. It might still get the job done quite alright. But then a person will be stuck doing a 20-minute job in about 45 minutes. This might not be a problem for some, but why go through the stress? There is always something else to do. So use the right diameter hose for your garden, and save yourself a lot of time.

Second, it is easier to control. The half-inch diameter provides higher pressure as it is suited for longer watering hoses. If used on a shorter hose, it waters all the same. But the pressure might just be too much. Ask anyone with a garden, it is not a secret that some plants prefer “light showers”. While this does not affect everyone, there is an undeniable truth. Using the right garden equipment is always better.



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