Interesting Facts You Might Ignore About ceiling fan

by Jasmine

Aside from cooling the area, a ventilateur plafond enhances the room. Ceiling fans are designed differently. Some have quiet motors but perform well and ensure optimum airflow. The ceiling fan is available in various sizes and styles to compliment your interior. We have written this post to help you decide which ceiling fan to choose.

Size and height

Some of you might have difficulties determining the size of the ceiling fan to buy. Know the size of the room where you will install the fan. If you choose the wrong size, it will not distribute the air properly. Recording the diameter of the blade sweep is another way of measuring the size. For a ceiling fan having an odd number of blades, measure the blade from the tip to the center and double that number.

For areas with high ceilings, look for a ceiling fan with a down rod so there will be enough distance from the ceiling. For better air circulation, select a fan that you can hang eight inches or far enough from the ceiling. It’s a must for the fan’s bottom to be 7 feet away from the floor.

If you have a low ceiling area, choose a flush mount or low profile ceiling fan. These types of fans are installed close to the ceiling and not too low.

Ceiling fan color

If this is your first time buying a ceiling fan, you would probably choose the one that matches your ceiling’s color. With the latest trend, you can now personalize your ceiling fan to enhance the room. You can also match it to your favorite furniture or on the floor. Alternatively, you can match it with the most common color in the room.


Ceiling fans are available in various designs. You can choose the one that will fit well in the room. Some of the designs include:


If you want to have a fan with a vintage finish and complex design, an antique ceiling fan is a good option. An antique ceiling fan is a perfect match for the light-colored ceiling.


The modern fan has smooth and clean lines with metal finishes and a simple design. It would be perfect on a light-colored ceiling and blends well on simple furniture.


Some homeowners would prefer a fan with dark wood finishes perfect for cabin-style fixtures and muted colored ceilings.

Island Fan

The beachy fan style is made of bamboo and palm leaves having distressed wood finishes. It will blend perfectly in a room with a natural and bright color interior.

Final thoughts

You have to consider the ceiling height, room size, and lighting requirements in choosing the ceiling fan. Color and design are not that essential. You can consider them last. If you are not sure what color to choose, it is best to select a white-colored fan since it can match any interior. However, if you prefer the colored ceiling fans, make sure they will blend with the interior and enhance the room’s features.

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