How to Maintain Your Mild Watering Tools

by Jasmine

Watering is essential if you want to keep your garden beautiful and healthy. Ideally, a hose makes mild watering much more interesting and less stressful. With hoses, you can do more gentle watering within less time, also with little energy. So you have gotten a hose but do not know how to store it. Or you are contemplating getting one but you feel discouraged about using a hose because of its storage. Then, you are reading the right article. You can get a wall mount garden hose reel now to keep your watering hose safe and secure. Hose reels save your hose from kinks, shield it from the sun, and protect the hose from abrasion. Considering the importance of the hose and the hose reel for mild watering, this article will discuss how you can maintain the hose and the hose reel.

Maintaining the Watering Hose

The hose is one of the most important garden tools you have, as it is both time and energy-efficient, it can even be used for other minor household chores aside from mild watering. Hence, it is vital to maintain such an invaluable tool the right way.

  • Avoid sunlight: Too much sun on the hose destroys its outer layer. If the hose is kept under the sun, the hose will gradually become weak and prone to breaks and holes.
  • Hold properly: Avoid dragging the hose with the nozzle. It undermines the nozzle connection and in time causes leaks on the hose. Always handle the hose the right way.
  • Always Drain: Never forget to drain water from the hose after every use. Leaving water in the hose will gradually cause the hose to falter. Water not drained from the hose causes bacteria that will harm your hose.
  • Inspect Regularly: Often inspect the hose to make sure it is in good shape. Check for leaks, abrasions, or any default with the hose, then fix it appropriately as soon as possible.
  • Store Properly: Most importantly, make sure your hose is stored safely. Preferably, use hose reels, to prevent your hose from coils and kinks. Hose reels will save your hose from a tear as it prevents your hose from being kept in a heap. Reels also shield your hose from the sun.

Maintaining the Watering Hose Reel

The hose reel is a significant garden tool, therefore it should be maintained appropriately. If it is well maintained it will save a lot of resources. Here are a few tips on maintaining the watering hose reel.

  • Inspect the joints and connections often. Clean and tighten them if there is a need.
  • Confirm that the wall mount garden hose reel is still safely mounted on the wall from time to time.
  • Mount the hose reel relatively high on the wall. The reason being; if it is too low, kinks will never depart your hose, thereby causing long time damages to your hose.
  • Apply lubricants regularly to the parts of the hose reel for longevity.


Watering is undoubtedly vital for the health of plants. Aside from keeping your plants healthy, watering also makes your garden appear posh. Watering does not have to be difficult, it is easier watering with a hose and even easier with a hose reel. So save yourself the pain of rolling, detangling, and fixing hoses. Get a hose reel today.

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