How to choose the right exercises for the weight bench

by Jasmine

The weight bench is an important part of every gym hall. The bodybuilding bench press is among the most important upper body exercises that anyone would need to achieve a great well-defined body shape.

The bench press done through the banc de musculation is outstandingly effective for building strength. This makes it a crucial part of any upper body muscular development exercise.

What is the bench press used for?

For many people, the bench press is just an exercise to build your chest, but that is barely the case. When using the weight bench the right way, your triceps, shoulders, glutes, and even your back are affected to the right degree.

Using the bench press involves a routine of complex movements. This routine can cause serious damage to your body and even lead to major defects if it is not done correctly.

Anyone who has been carrying a bench press routine without considering how well this routine is done and if he or she is doing it correctly should take a step back, re-evaluate the routine and find out ways to improve the technique.

Just so you can avoid going through the emotional, mental, and physical pain that comes with doing bench press routines the wrong way, this article is packed with tips to help you do better.

Your Feet is crucial

Though not as important as it is during squats’ deadlifts, the setting of your feet is important when doing a bench press. Your feet create a strong and balanced base and serve as a source of power.

You should try your best to place your feet far back toward your butt while keeping them flat on the floor. Height and body type can make this stance look different for everyone. The purpose of this routine is to make your feet firm on the ground so that you can generate power from your feet through your body.

Stay under The Bar

Just like your foot, the position of your back is unique based on how your body structure. The more important part is that you should be far enough under the bar to be able to raise the bar from the rack. You should not so far up that you hit the pegs on the way up.

Precise positioning is important. Remember to squeeze your shoulder blades together, stiffening them to protect them.

Back Arch

It is the opinion of some bodybuilders that arching your back is just a move for powerlifting. Arching your back can help you maintain a neutral spine and protect your back as you lift. You are encouraged to always keep a slight arch on your back even if you don’t need to exaggerate the arch.

Carrying out a bench press routine is a skill. You get better as you practice your bench press. The more you do, the better it gets.


It is better to start with lightweight. Slowly increase your level as you gain stamina, understand the movement and get comfortable with the routine. It might take some time and resilience. However, keep pushing and you will achieve your dream body.

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