The elements of a bathroom vanity set

by Jasmine
bathroom vanity set

A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that is built around sinks in the bathroom and is used as a storage space for towels in the bathroom, toiletries, makeup items, and other essentials in the bathroom. Another function of bathroom vanity that is not often spoken of is the fact that it is used to conceal the plumbing that is under the sink. For most homeowners, bathroom vanities are a form of styling up the bathroom and adding aesthetic value to their home. On the top part of a bathroom vanity lies a sink or two (depending on the shape and size of the bathroom vanity). However, getting the right bathroom vanity bunnings is not a walk in the park. Some of the factors to consider are the components of bathroom vanities. 

Components of Bathroom Vanity Sets

  1. The Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential feature in all bathroom vanity sets. While cabinets are found in all types of vanity sets, the design and size of the cabinets differ from one to another. The size of the cabinet is the primary determinant of the overall size of the bathroom vanity. The size of the cabinet is determined by the shape of the cabinet and the whole bathroom vanity. But note, round and square vanity sets tend to be smaller than the rectangular ones. 

Many bathroom vanities feature drawers on their cabinets. The drawer, in this case, can either be pulled out or the traditional ones that are fitted with doors that can be pulled to open. Some superior designs of cabinets have shelves in the middle parts, while others allow the user the chance to move the shelves up and down according to preference. When looking into the cabinets for a bathroom vanity, consider one that meets your space needs and also one with the aesthetic value that suits your preferences. 

bathroom vanity set

2. The Sinks

The sink is another crucial aspect of bathroom vanity. There are different types of sinks around which vanities can be installed. Some of the most common types of sinks are pedestal or free-standing sinks (which is one of the more space-efficient types), wall-mounted sinks, and under-mount sinks. But remember, the types of sinks determine the kind of vanity to be installed. The types of vanities according to the type of sinks named above, respectively are free-standing vanities, wall-mount vanities, and under-mount vanities. 

3. The Soap Pump

This is one of the less crucial parts of bathroom vanity. However, the more standard designs feature a soap pump on the inside of the body of the bathroom vanity. 

4. A Mirror and Matching Mirror Frame

Some of the more standard designs of bathroom vanities feature a mirror frame that matches the design, the finishing and the shape of the cabinet, and the entire bathroom vanity set. 


Another crucial aspect to consider when determining the best vanity set for your bathroom is the length of the vanity. The length is determined by the space needed, needs of the user, and the interior design of the bathroom.

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